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Why S-Docs Makes Healthcare Documentation Processes Faster and Secure

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

SDocs is an app-exchange package entirely built in the Salesforce platform, generating about 151,744 documents per day. The software is the option for the healthcare industry due to two main benefits:

  • It’s Secure

  • It’s fast

S-Docs in the Healthcare Industry

S-Docs is native to the platform and is the most secure way to generate documents out of Salesforce. There is no need to utilize a third party vendor/contractor/system or enter additional data agreements. For Healthcare businesses already on the Salesforce Platform, it is simple to take advantage of creating documents rather than having to opt into another third party vendor.

S-Docs provides secure and fast document automation from existing data. Utilized like any other document generation platform in the system, generate PDFs, Word or Excel documents quickly and efficiently. Should you need to change anything in those documents on the fly, S-Docs has advanced editing capabilities that allows you to edit an existing template before you send the document out. You can create templates or upload a new document, once you’re ready, click generate! And S-Docs will do the whole process for you all while never leaving the database.

Additional Advantages of Utilizing S-Docs

  • Templates may vary in content, language, permissions, or sharing rules depending on your preferences

  • You can easily track your document status

  • S-Docs is also in the Salesforce1 mobile app

  • No code involved

  • You can automate document process with Salesforce workflow or Process Builder

  • Easily edit templates

  • Flexible data display

As an S-Docs partner, Ennube Solutions can help implement the package into your platform and set you up for day 1 utilization by supporting with template generation, security access setup and best practices on generating documents securely from salesforce.


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