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Why is the Hispanic Community so important?

A letter from our CEO and co-founder on Hispanic/Latin Heritage Month:

For Hispanic Heritage Month, I wanted to share a poem I recited in front of Salesforce partners at the Salesforce Partner Kick Off in February 2021. At the time, we were still working to define an identity for our work in Latin America and I was They asked me to give a monologue about what the Hispanic/Latino community meant to me. This monologue came out like a poem and I felt now was the right time to share it again.

Why is the Hispanic/Latin community so important to me?

Community is very important to me because we are a true reflection of the world and a mix of all people.

We are the African diaspora throughout the Americas,

We are the Native Americans who built temples to the stars,

We are the Pilgrims and Conquerors who braved a new world.

Our identity is molded from all peoples around a culture, region and language.

Our culture is beautiful with world-class cuisine, romance, music, architecture, art, and history.

We are Afro-Latinos like the legendary Celia Cruz, athletes like Sophia DeJesus and Carmelo Anthony.

We are Euro-Latinos like Enrique Iglesias and the avant-garde artist Pablo Picasso.

We are Asian Latinos like Bruno Mars or the Mexican boxer Tomiko Kemeda.

In our essence WE ARE diversity.

We are a people of all peoples, inclusive and progressive.

The Latino community means the world to me.

As part of this special month in which we celebrate our identities and our culture, I wanted to share our motivations for working together with our partners in Latin America. Basically, we want to empower the Latino community locally and globally to participate in the market for highly-skilled global services through Ennube. We want to implement the right methods and practice to become a key player in the US IT services space, and we can only do that if we continue our efforts in excellence.

All the best,

alex garcia

CEO Cloud Solutions


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