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The Salesforce Drop Podcast

Your source for salesforce news, best practices and interviews from experts in the ecosystem. 


Each episode we will bring you stories from industry influencers, impactful news or platform releases and interesting topics from the people doing the real work. This podcast is hosted by Alex Garcia and presented by Ennube Solutions.


The Best DevOps Tool in Salesforce

How does Copado help to solve these disadvantages? Copado helps to synchronize these teams so that everyone has visibility and is aligned when it comes to working.

Enterprise Tech Talent in Ecuador with Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

On this episode of the Salesforce Drop, Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo joins our CEO, Alex Garcia, to discuss the tech talent landscape in Ecuador and what the most innovative companies are doing to train and retain their people.

Our Data Practice, Tableau

Paola Brito, leader of our data team at Ennube Solutions, joins our CEO, Alex Garcia, to talk about our practice and recent partnership with Tableau and our efforts to expand data analysts in Latam.

The Future of Lightning Automation with John Kucera VP of Product Management at Salesforce

Join us for a deep dive into what is really happening to workflows & process builders, and when is it happening right from one of the leaders creating the automation roadmap for

DevOps and SOX Compliance Using Copado with Tosten Haugerud

Join our CEO, Alex Garcia, and Tosten Haugerud (Salesforce Expert at Headlight) to talk about why we chose and how we implemented Copado, a Salesforce DevOps solution, for a publicly traded company.

Salesforce goes with the Flow

Salesforce has announced that they will no longer support Workflow Rules and Process Builders. Listen to a conversation with our former CTO at Ennube Solutions to discuss what this means for automation on the platform moving forward.

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