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Our expertise and experience are reflected in the trust our clients have placed in us to design, implement, and support Salesforce Platform solutions. We are Certified Salesforce Consulting partners and provide world-class consulting practices aligned with leading technologies to deliver lean, innovative, and timely outcomes.


Unlock industry expertise and best practices by leveraging our +10 years of digital transformation experience. 

Technology The Peak Customer Experience


Outreach is the leading sales execution platform that helps market-facing teams efficiently create and predictably close more pipeline. 

Client’s Challenge

The product marketing team needed a way to have users opt in, get updates and collect feedback on new features for the sales enablement software.

The service team needed a place for customers to help customers and collaborate with each other on their success of using the platform. Their current knowledge base and customer portal where not a place for these types of interactions to occur.

Ennube’s solution

The Peak Customer Experience

Implemented a Salesforce Customer Experience with Chatter and custom lightning components and platform automations

Created a custom experience page and lightning components for the Beta user invite, sign up and participation in beta feature functionality. Created custom automations to utilize salesforce

Experience Groups to create a place for opting into new features and get updates. 

Implemented chatter, community reputation scoring and collaboration groups and topics in the Experience cloud to help outreach customers

Business Impact

The Peak signed up 2800 users in the first year and currently has X of users.

Additional Solutions in Technology:

Customer Experience and Interaction Management

Certified SSaas Revenue Operations - Subscription based billing & forecasting

App Embedded Analytics & Integration Platform - Data


Customer success story SCS Global Services


Client’s Challenge

Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., now doing business as SCS Global Services, is a trusted leader in third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification, auditing, testing and standards development.

The migration of one CRM to another with custom reporting was the main challenge. It was then increased in complexity to be able to migrate dozens of departments including a number of sales team members to cover the company’s entire portfolio of products. While a digitally enabled organization, the challenge was in maintaining business running while migrating to the world's most powerful CRM.

Ennube’s solution

Having the experience of working with a number of highly complex industries and companies, our architects were able to create a project migration plan. By coordinating with each department, the team was able to provide change management in a strategically opportune time and engage with stakeholders at the right moment. This was carried out through meticulous yearly planning and adherence to tight deadlines. 

Complex implementations are part of the job with our consulting team. When they take on the characteristics of such a diverse organization, they become a challenge. Our goal was to ensure we implemented successfully and created continued support for users. We partnered with K2 Partnering Solutions to lead and create a long term environment of success for their CRM. 

We created custom reporting mechanisms for their number of business units to provide company leadership with a detailed view of performance and health of each of their departments. 

Business Impact

Migrating to an enterprise level CRM has enabled the sales teams at SCS to be more effective with their selling. The reports and dashboards engineered through the migration of the data from the legacy CRM gives sales leadership better visibility into the health of each department. 

Additional Solutions in Healthcare:

Health Cloud & Patient Programs with Service Center Pharmacovigilance 

Lab Order Management & Forecasting 

Veeva Sales CRM & Network Implementations and Customizations 


Customer success story RareCyte


Client’s Challenge

RareCyte is an innovative precision biology company that has developed technologies and end-to-end integrated platforms enabling advances in oncology, immuno-oncology, maternal-fetal health, and cell and gene therapy. RareCyte empowers leaders across the Research, Translational Medicine and Clinical space with Spatial Biology and Liquid Biopsy solutions (instrumentation and services). 

Creation of a custom reporting dashboard in Salesforce CRM for commercial lead quarterly and annual reporting to the executive team.

Creation of a custom sales attribution to marketing activities, evaluating contributions and performance of marketing/sales efforts.

Ennube’s solution

Generated a custom dashboard implementing new modules and reports

Automated account engagement information which then triggered assignments and custom activity fields

What Salesforce products did Ennube implement or improve?


Process Automation


Customer success story Kagome


Kagome USA is a major manufacturer of tomato-based sauces for the foodservice industry and international restaurant chains. Kagome’s multinational suppliers rely on satisfactory product delivery and strong business relationship.

Client’s Challenge

Kagome, a multi-national private label manufacturing company, was looking for a way to gain better visibility into their orders, inventory, and purchases. They have been a loyal customer for the last five years and continue to work with Ennube for their ongoing systems support. 

Ennube’s solution

Reach Kagome’s server by:

 Kagome’s success story is a testament to the power of a reliable, custom integration. After researching different solutions, Kagome USA decided to partner with Ennube to build a custom integration into their ERP system from Salesforce. We provided a seamless transition and executed the project on time and on budget. Since then, Kagome has been able to increase efficiency, optimize processes, and maximize profits thanks to the data visibility our integration provides. 

Business Impact

 Their data visibility has allowed them to make more informed, timely decisions and continue to grow their business. They can now view what is in production, whether is inventory, and what is coming down the sales pipeline all on the customer 360 platforms.  We are proud to be a part of Kagome’s success and look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

Additional Solutions in Manufacturing:

Manufacturing Cloud from Salesforce, the number 1 CRM for manufacturing companies. 

Integration utilizing best in class iPaas solutions to deliver better data orchestration and material visualizations.

Revenue, inventory and product forecasting utilizing data driven inputs from ERP and industry data sources. 

Let’s give your business what it needs to grow!


Project Methodology

Design with Purpose

Use technology to design and map process to technology. 

Q&A Testing

We QA night and day.  Each deployment is validated through our best practice methodology.


Ennube SFDC Support and our managed services will be there with you afterwards. 

Agile Development
Training & Adoption

Iterative development process that focuses on a cadence of SCRUM + User Acceptance Testing. 

We are teachers of teachers. Train the people who will be leading your teams. Identify power users and milestones to help drive adoption. 

Implementation & Development Services

SOW-based work contracts, we provide estimates and a structured project plan. When all align, we flow.


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