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How LeanData Makes Sales Processes Easier!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

LeanData facilitates meaningful connections within your CRM data in Salesforce, allowing your team to generate the best revenues for your business.


Creating complex routing of leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities in your Salesforce system can sometimes become challenging with very limited features. Similarly, matching rules may not look beyond just your CRM data; making it complicated to “match and analyze multiple data points”


Although the automation process and features presented by Salesforce such as queues, assignment rules, escalation rules, and auto-response rules help you point your leads, accounts, contacts and more to the right direction; LeanData provides you with a visual routing process that goes above and beyond out of the box features.


A key advantage of LeanData is visual routing interface allows you to create complex business processes. One of the main targets for the company is to focus on making sure that leads created/existing in your CRM land in the right rep’s hands.

For example, if you manage multiple accounts you may have a rep assigned to take care of leads coming from each one of the accounts. LeanData will provide you with a visual drag-and-drop interface for accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities where you get to design a routing logic based on your custom business rules. This feature also focuses on optimization of routing logic by providing real-time metrics. Their Routing Insights feature provides a report on lead assignments (for example how many leads were directed to a certain action, or how many leads were coming from a certain account) and (if one of the criteria failed) errors. Routing with LeanData allows you to direct information to the right rep at the right time, preventing a poor buying experience and/or loss of revenue.


Another feature that makes LeanData a powerful source to be merged within your CRM functionalities is matching. LeanData searches beyond email/domain databases to provide you with the best real-time matching results while ensuring the “highest-fidelity account match.”


Have you ever wonder which campaign in your helps you generate the most leads? LeanData provides you with custom attribution. This feature allows you to track the history of when and where your leads created. Attribution lets you expand on marketing practices and strategies while providing you with the means to accelerate your revenue.


If you’re on Salesforce (whether you're on Classic or Lighting) and you haven’t yet tried routing and matching with LeanData we hope that you do it soon!

Learn more about their products by visiting their website or by requesting a free demo on the link below If you’d like assistance managing your LeanData activity, please reach us out!

Ennube Solutions has experienced consultants who can help find the right solution while providing you with a robust implementation through LeanData best practices.


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