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Hey Salesforce Partner! Have you joined the Partner Community yet?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

You’re a Salesforce Partner working with new potential leads who are interested in Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud. You think putting a demo together for them would be a great idea. You search everywhere online but you can’t find a clear answer about your best options for downloading a demo org. A great place to start searching for questions like this- or any other questions/comments related to Salesforce, is the Salesforce Partner Community.

As a Salesforce Partner, you can register for free and access tons of information. The partner interface allows you to learn about innovative ideas, grow your company, and interact with other partner community members! So how do you get started in the Salesforce Partner Community? We’ll get to that now!

First, you have to access the partner community by going here and clicking on Join Now.

Once there you’ll be redirected to this page. Click on Join the Partner Community.

From this page, you can register by Joining the Partner Community right away or click on Learn about Salesforce partner programs.

Then you can decide to register with your Salesforce or Marketing Cloud credentials. Once you login Salesforce will ask you to access the basic information on your account. Click allow.

Then you’ll have to select between two options. Select the “My Company is Already a Partner” option and log in from there. Follow the steps to log into your company’s Partner Community page and you’re all set!

The Salesforce Partner Community interface will provide you with many different resources and ideas from other members of the community that can help boost your knowledge about the platform.

So, you wanted to download a health cloud and marketing cloud demo orgs for the new potential leads? Just look for a chatter group related to your question of interest and post your question there! Find all of the active chatter groups under the collaboration tab!

As you can see from this chatter post, someone else had a question about demo creation for Partners. It turns out that the demos can easily be downloaded from the Marketing/Health Cloud Partner Learning Timeline - which you can also have access to if you register as a Partner in the community.

You can also manage your company’s App Exchange posts from here. Simply check your listings by going to the Publishing tab. Like this, you can do many other things like invite other users within your organization to join the Community.

Hopefully, now that you’re a member of the Partner Community you’ll be able to leverage your Salesforce Partnership resources and have a clearer roadmap to success when encountering challenges in the platform.

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