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Five Reasons to Consider Managed Services: Are They Right for You?

Overseeing a cloud technology stack can be demanding and oftentimes executives find that they need to bring resources online rapidly who are already briefed on the most important practices. This becomes increasingly difficult when there aren’t too many people around. Here are five key points an executive should consider when thinking of hiring a managed services team.

1. Expertise Missing

With experience comes insight and with insights comes performance. Having worked on dozens of Salesforce implementations and projects, our analysts are keen on what makes the system work best. We take a system and people approach and use the best methodologies to work to achieve the goals we set out. Our agile waterfall methodology and consultative approach to tackling requirements allow us to optimize the project effort and deliver results.

2. Rapid Growth

This is a no-brainer: you need someone who is capable and can be up to speed rapidly. Submitting reqs to HR will put you in the queue for candidates, and there is no guarantee you are going to move quickly. Hiring cycles can take months to complete as your department shifts through resumes and checks references, leaving your team hanging. On the other hand, a managed services team can onboard in a matter of days and begin working immediately.

3. Staff Augmentation

There is no denying that sometimes you need more hands than you have but you don’t want to increase headcount. Whether that is pa/maternity leave, a big project, or someone to help part-time, managed services may be right for you.

4. New Perspectives

Working with a remote managed services team gives you the opportunity to hire the best talent from across the globe. You can work with experts at the heart of the Salesforce Ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area who are attuned to the platform’s next steps and newest features on the world's best CRM. Or, you can leverage global talent in South America as these bright minds are on the cutting edge and ready to work with American enterprises.

5. Cost Benefits

Not having to worry about headcount or working within a departmental budget are two things within reach for managed services. By deploying a global team of resources projects can get done at the same pace but with added cost benefits.

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