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Why Digital Transformation in Latin American Countries is Profitable for your Business?

Digital transformation is happening all over the globe today and Latin America is no exception to this momentum.

This region of the world continues to grow and is currently a technological hub for innovation and production at an increasing rate through digital transformation and Customer Relationship Manager, CRM adoption. CRM is helping do this by integrating digital technology within business’ processes. The CRM market has steadily grown in Latin America and contributes to the creation of many jobs and opportunities in helping businesses thrive.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is integrating digital technology within all areas of business, altering business operations and the way value is delivered to customers. It also means that companies adapt to a new culture of constant change and challenges of the status quo while accepting failure as they try to reach “the peak.” The peak in this context would simply mean, client satisfaction and business efficiency. With CRM, digital transformation allows companies to a

Acelerate their business processes and save time- leaving a lot of manual time-consuming tasks behind. This can encourage reps and executives to invest that saved time in building strong and durable customer relationships.

What Is Salesforce? and Why Is This Platform Relevant for The Digital Transformation Revolution in Latin America?

Salesforce is the biggest CRM service provider in the market mostly known for its Sales Cloud platform. Salesforce allows medium-sized and big enterprises to have a clearer picture of their operations by automatizing business processes, dynamic metrics and providing flexible access to the platform. Salesforce analyzes customer data and provides a highlight “corporate performance management” by integrating old systems and applications to the cloud (Perez, “CRM, integration…”). This platform also provides business executives and sales teams to elevate the quality of their services and methods, which translate into higher sales turnouts and productivity.

Salesforce also contributes to the creation of jobs, currently expected to create 3.3 million jobs around the globe and more than $859 billion in new business revenues by 2022 (Prince, “Salesforce Economy..”). In addition, Salesforce’s latest $15.7 billion acquisition of Tableau, a global leader in visual analytics today, offers its users with the best data analytics and software visualization for their companies in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Tableau is already largely used in Latin America across national financial institutions and telecom providers, encouraging medium-sized and big enterprises in the region to try it and consider merging their current software to Salesforce to increase innovation, sales opportunity, and customer relationship.

CRM is already taking over Latin America with Brazil, Mexico, and Chile accounting for 67% of total 2018 CRM usage in Latin America. Currently, there are a bit over 150 websites that are related to Salesforce, across countries like Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. Thus, raising our expectations for seeding Salesforce in this region of the world to generate a meaningful impact across Latin American businesses.

Closing Remarks:

Digital transformation fosters business’ growth and Salesforce is helping them do so. Salesforce helps boost business productivity by allowing sales teams and executives to build strong customer relationships and prospects portfolio leaving time-consuming business processes in the past.



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