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Immediate Impact Delivers Accelerated Data: Unveiling Our Client's Success Story

Immediate Impact Delivers Accelerated Data

“Acceleration is what we were after,” says Laura Harris, Director of Revenue Technology at sales engagement platform Outreach.

And, acceleration is what they achieved, with Salesforce partner Ennube.

“Ennube assisted us,” Harris continues, “with a range of projects — from basic Salesforce administration and user management, to complex enterprise projects.”

Her organization had issues, she explains, getting top global talent to be available for daily scrums on West Coast business hours. That singular challenge ultimately impacted its ability to efficiently deliver reports and directives for its sales team.

Outreach, Laura says, was going from a full code-based approach, one that required an entire developer team to make updates to classes and carry out deployments. “Then, once the implementation was complete,” she says, “it was difficult to maintain, due to the number of dependencies they had.”

So, what was the solution?

“One of Ennube's greatest value propositions is that we work with qualified and certified resources to cover the talent needs of our clients and, above all, have that talent available at the time it is needed,” Harris says. Thanks to Ennube’s experience understanding new releases and what they can do from a Salesforce perspective, she says, Ennube was able to re-architect existing limitations.

“We were able to take their processes from a full code-based approach,” she says, “to a lightning flow, (where) anyone is able to change a field value, or a reference, in a matter of days, instead of a couple of weeks or even months.”

The result was an acceleration and optimization of the processes Outreach counted on to provide efficient solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem. Something that used to require a significant amount of time and resources could now be accomplished faster and more efficiently — and isn’t that what Salesforce partner solutions are all about?

“Our years of experience developing and creating optimized Salesforce solutions enabled us to be able to solve a persistent and difficult problem,” Harris says, today. “We were able to save resources, create something that’s a lot easier to manage and maintain, and found the best solutions adapted to Outreach’s needs.

To put it simply: “We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the heavy demands of our Rocketship startup without Ennube's help,” Laura says. “We appreciate the partnership, and look forward to building on our relationship."

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