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New Brand Identity

Ennube Solutions, on its path and purpose of becoming one of the main providers of nearshore consulting and development services in the Salesforce ecosystem, and above all with the clear vision of accelerating the innovation of our clients, introduces its new corporate image.

We seek to be recognized for our world-class consulting practices aligned with industries and technologies to offer efficient, innovative, and timely solutions.

So that our image generates proximity without losing the essence of who we are and our value proposition by offering industry-leading software solutions that take advantage of the most advanced technologies to offer unparalleled impact and value.

The logo, the color palette highlights the technological environment in which we develop, it also has a futuristic and modern connotation. On the other hand, the isotype constitutes a harmony between the icon and the elements that it possesses, such as data, we align business processes to generate knowledge from data and analytics.

We trust that our clients feel identified and associate our new corporate image with our values ​​such as expertise, quality, honesty, customer success, among others.


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